Live football scores tools?

Been for a while…

Fifa World Cup is almost starting. It means that many people all around the globe will be ready to make their bets. Which team is winning and which not. Same goes to me. I already started to collect information about leagues. Who are opponents and what are their chances there.

There are so many different articles about football. I have red many of them. It is important to analyse information forehand. That helps you to prevent rookie mistakes. Data collection is essential.

Where to find decent information about football teams? And where to find good statistics. Maybe there is a good tool available?

SO many questions…

Ok here we go…

First thing is google. Google it. Try to find team names and all the news what are related with this team. Second thing…wikipedia. Yes Wikipedia is good source ¬†where you can get exact and true information about the football and the teams.

At the moment here is so many blogs and forums what you can find. Best ones are these which are team related. There are fans who know all the latest news about their favourite team.

And last step is tools. You can collect and manage these statistical numbers by yourself in google sheets. Just compare numbers which are similar and from same source. For an example how many goals they made last season. Which is their usual corner number. How many card average and so on.

Of course you can find some specific tools also. There are some free tools and some paid tools available. My one favourite is Live football scores –

In this tool you can have 7 day trial but trust me it is worth every penny. So Ill suggest to keep using it. Best one so far.

That tool helps you to save lots of time, like they are promising. There are so many professional things that it takes time to get use to it. But when you are ready to use it – it is so easy to get exactly what you want.