SEO jobs in 2020

As blogger you need to know basics of SEO. SEO is search engine optimisation. It means that you have to fix your content that way that search engines will like it afterwards. Usually people do not know how to do it at all. Let me explain what I am doing in this field.

  1. You need to SEO audit your website.

It means that you need to measure with different tools how your website is performing. Most of the good tools are paid tools but there are some free tools available as well. I recommend Google Search Console. You need to connect your website with the Google Search Console. And after some time week or so…that tool will point what is wrong and not good with your website. Then you can fix these things with yourself or ask some programmer to do it.

Next thing after onsite part is offsite part. For that you need to discover which other website are pointing/linking to your website. That is so called link building thing…Maybe your friend or some yellow catalogue or some journalist is pointing to your blog article or website? How I know? For that I recommend to use also Google Search Console (Links section) it will show who is linking to you. Google tool is bit slow and takes some time to show information under that tab. For quicker overview you can google “free backlink checker tool” or something like that and try out different tools.

2. Steps for improvements

Onsite part usually means that you have to write meta description and titles + subheadings correctly. You should think what are these 2-3 main keywords what are the most suitable for certain article you are writing. Then use these keywords few times in title, description and in the paragraphs as well.

Ask your friends and partners to share your articles, if they can. And of course you can do it for them as well.